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This Friday, another film from the Raaz franchise hit the theaters. Raaz Reboot has Emraan Hashmi, Gaurav Arora and Kriti Kharbanda in the lead roles, and the director of the movie is Vikram Bhatt. So is it safe to say that this is film worth your money ? Read our review of the movie..

What’s it about

Shaina (Kriti Kharbanda) moves back to Romania with her significant other, Rehan (Gaurav Arora), after he is given a superior offer there by his company. It was in Romania that these two met and fell in love, before getting hitched and moving to Mumbai. In any case, when they move to their new house, Rehan starts to act awkwardly and maintains separation from her. She also begins seeing terrifying apparitions at her new house. After a month, Rehan discovers her mysteriously in a spot 23 kms from her home, battered and wounded. She also starts to act possessed after that. What happened in that one month? What Raaz is Rehan escaping from her? What’s more, what the hell has Aditya (Emraan Hashmi) to do with this? Raaz Reboot has a great deal to answer, however whether it figures out how to do as such convincingly… . Oh dear! That doesn’t happen.

What’s hot:

The film has one not too bad twist post interval that spares the film from being an outright wreckage. I am not going to disclose that to you, but rather it could amaze people who have certain assumptions about the film and its heroes. Raaz Reboot is one such uncommon Bollywood film where the second half is superior to the first half of the film, however that doesn’t prevent the film from touching average quality at spots. There are two or three drawing in sequences here that will gently arouse your interest. Be that as it may, it will likewise make you question whether it is too late where it is possible to spare the film by then, also leaving a considerable measure of questions in the wake. In the midst of the performers, Gaurav Arora is really the best amongst the lot, talking a great deal through his eyes. In spite of having not a lot to do in the first half, Emraan Hashmi gets the opportunity to score in a couple of scenes in the second half, particularly in the encounter scenes with Gaurav.

What’s not:

For a film that’s known as a Reboot, Vikram Bhatt doesn’t reboot any damn thing about how we make horror movies in Bollywood. He has utilized the plot of the first film, put a decent twist there (which is kind of unsurprising in the event that you have a sharp feeling of plot), takes the scenes from his own movies like 1920 series, while notwithstanding getting components from The Last Exorcism of Emily Rose and Paranormal Activity. Furthermore, obviously, there are those obligatory romantic songs in light of the fact that, you know, that is the method to make a sequential Bollywood horror movie. Don’t bother that one such melody really dissipates every one of the strains made in the past scene. The main portion of the film is exceptionally flat, same for two or three frightening sequences. While the twist is absolutely intriguing, when we consider it, large portions of the past scenes really have neither rhyme nor reason. The entire plan of the vindictive spirit to take revenge looks excessively extended notwithstanding for a film like Raaz Reboot. There is another scene where Rehan is indicated not being shocked when he discovers that his significant other is in contact with a character, who shouldn’t be there in any case. Truth be told, he carries on as though nothing out of the world has happened. Why did he even come back to Romania, when he harbors a dark mystery about the spot, is incomprehensible. Vikram Bhatt tries to make the film hip and identifying with the present day times, with the continuous utilization of the F-word and terms like psychometry.

Yet, take that all away, and it’s simply same ol’, same ol’ – creaky doors, blankets escaping, boisterous BG that reports abhorrent, blasts of wind. We live in a period, where movies like Don’t Breathe show us you don’t require ghosts to make a decent scaring motion picture. In any case, in Bollywood, regardless we stick to age-old tropes like the force of mangalsutra and mantras to explain things. Talking about scary scenes, well, there are a couple, yet you can notice them from a mile. Furthermore, the crazy get up of one character in the climax makes the as far as anyone knows pressure filled conclusion really interesting.

It additionally worsens the situation that Kriti Kharbanda’s performance, which was to be the grapple of the film, sways from bizarre (where she should be frightened) to half-fair (in the possession scenes). What’s more, in the event that you rest off amidst the film and later wake up and are confused about which motion picture you are watching, don’t stress. Each third dialogue expressed by each character has the word RAAZ in it.

What to do:

The greatest raaz about the film is the reason this is even called a Reboot, when there is just the same old thing Vikram Bhatt has to offer. Aside from a fascinating twist, whatever is left of the film is simply dull! Watch it at your own particular risk.

Rating- 2/5


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