Amitabh Bachchan says he didn’t expect such a tremendous response to Pink..

Did you expect such a huge reaction to Pink?

We didn’t. The sort of reactions and the impact it has had on numerous people, particularly ladies, has been overwhelming! After a sensible begin, the footfalls for Pink increased. The dialogues worked for the film. There was no intentional and working on marketing was done, however somewhere Shoojit had the certainty that when people see the film, they would respond and spread the news. What’s more, that is what happened!

Pink might be utilized prromote women’s rights and previliges. Your remarks

A few Ministers and famous legal illuminators have seen it, and have given any hope of changing certain laws representing ladies and their pain in lodging FIRs. In the film, Deepak Sehgal cleared up a couple of misgivings. I do trust that they are put into practice soon. What is under thought is that a lady can file an objection at any given time of day and night, regardless of occasions or weekends.

Pink is one of those movies that can change the way we think. Any of your different movies in this classification?

Each Indian film has one essential message to pass on in three hours — the triumph of good over evil and wonderful equity. For me to separate one from the other would be a wasteful activity.

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Days after the arrival of Pink, a young lady in Delhi was stalked and wounded. Do you think the rising growth in crime against ladies can be controlled?

That was a most appalling episode. In any case, I do trust that a cognizant exertion in the process of education, law, moral and social policing might bring outcomes. Parental childhood at an early age and teaching certain qualities among the youth is an unquestionable requirement. Sons must be educated as well and should have a non-oppressive attitude towards ladies. The law favors ladies, in spite of the fact that there have been situations where its abuse has led to action against guiltless men also. Yet, ideally, a balance might exist.

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