Priyanka Chopra & Bipasha Basu have become new rivals

Bollywood is an industry where relationships are extremely flighty. Individuals who get along exceptionally well at first may end up becoming greatest rivalries in this world within no time.. We regularly hear that actors particularly in B-Town have a tough time getting along. What’s more, here is yet another case of a Bollywood actor who is miffed with her friend.

We are discussing Bipasha Basu and Priyanka Chopra. Yes, they are the new reticent foes in B-Town. Bips and PeeCee’s friendships can be followed back to the mid 2000s, that is the point at which they began holding and as far back as then Priyanka and Bipasha have been on incredible terms. Priyanka was one of the first ones to wish Bipasha when the news of her wedding with Karan Singh Grover broke out. In any case, their friendships has hit the rocks, or so does it appear.

So this is what happened.. Bipasha Basu and Radhika Apte were both contenders for the lead role in Priyanka Chopra’s next production taking into account entrepreneur Kalpana Saroj’s life. A source reveals,“But Radhika beat Bipasha and landed the part. This, naturally, upset Bipasha a lot. While Radhika is not a friend of Priyanka’s, Bipasha is and Bips felt PC should have considered that. Bipasha has not signed any films post her marriage and had her hopes pinned on this film. But Priyanka felt that Radhika was best suited to the role, and you can’t get casting wrong. She can’t cast actors based on friendships. She expects Bipasha to understand but right now the sultry actress is hurt and sulking.”

Well, for this situation, we can’t blame both of them since they are both right in their own specific manners. In the midst of this, PC may have lost Bipasha’s kinship however she appears to have found a new friend in Katrina Kaif! Yes, Priyanka and Katrina have turned out to be best friends out of the blue. Indeed, PC even joined Kat and the Dream Team for lunch in NY amid the visit. And guess what.. or rather whom would they say they are bonding over? It’s none other than Ranbir Kapoor! Katrina has recently broken up with Ranbir and more likely than not had burdens to discuss.

The split made her superhot however it didn’t take away the hurt of a separation without a doubt. So now we hear she trusted in PC for every one of that was contained inside her. Also, When Kat was in New York for the Dream Team visit, PC welcomed Kat, Parineeti Chopra and Alia Bhatt over for supper. Priyanka and Katrina bonded more than ever. They have even said to have discussed Ranbir Kapoor and talked as how ladies need to stick together against the male brigade. Well.. fascinating!


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