Shahrukh Khan to do a cameo role in the Salman’s Tubelight

It’s affirmed! Shah Rukh Khan to do a cameo in Salman Khan’s Tubelight. It took the Khans just about a decade to meet up on silver screen..

10 years! That is to what extent Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan took to rejoin on silver screen. At long last, for each one of those fans who were enthusiastically awaiting to see Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan together on screen we have some good news. However, it is happening finally. Which implies that Shah Rukh and Salman will rejoin on the silver screen after 10 years. The last time we saw both of them together was in Farah Khan’s Om Shanti Om that released in 2007. Salman appeared in a unique OSO track that additionally had other top stars of Bollywood.

Our source revealed that Salman isn’t too pleased with Kabir Khan’s Tubelight and thus chose to bring his amigo on board for a special part. Words in the air was that Shatrugan Sinha was supposed to do this cameo at first, however Salman demanded that his companion be selected in. So now it’s confirmed that Shah Rukh will be a part of Salman Khan’s Tubelight and we will just need to sit tight for an official declaration from the team itself.

The clash between Kabir Khan and Salman Khan at the sets Tubelight in Manali is a matter of gossip for the people. While Kabir Khan has denied it passionately, Salman has been totally tight-lipped regarding it. However late pics from the Mumbai sets uncovered that all’s not well amongst Salman and Kabir. BCoz the Kabir Khan film generation sign sheets were replaced with the SKF (Salman Khan Films). Furthermore, that is not all we even hear that Salman was unsatisfied with Kabir’s climax scene and requested that specific parts be reshot. Evidently the Sultan hero even recommended that Kabir recreate Manali in Mumbai.

To the extent Salman and Shah Rukh are concerned, our sources had disclosed that the two would have met up in Ali Abbas Zafar’s Sultan that released a year ago. It appears when SRK dropped on the sets to meet Salman he even shot for a little bit. However the producers chose to drop that bit in the nth moment. Furthermore, yes it was additionally the time when everybody was caught up with talking about the huge film industry conflict amongst Sultan and Raees. Shah Rukh’s film release was pushed and Sultan only released.

Presently it wasn’t care for there was any ill will between Shah Rukh and Salman, coz they went ahead to conduct a popular award show together and astounded their fans. Obviously observing them together on the wide screen will be an even extraordinary treat. We will soon be back with more insights about Shah Rukh Khan’s Tubelight cameo so stay tuned!


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