Mahira says Shahrukh is magic

Mahira Khan’s Bollywood debut has been every actor’s dream. She gets the chance to work opposite the unparalleled Shah Rukh Khan In Raees. The great debut had a pit stop as a result of the Uri Attacks which prompted to a boycott of Pakistani specialists in Indian movies.

Despite the fact that, Mahira can’t promote Raees in India, notwithstanding, she was in Dubai yesterday to promote the motion picture through radio shows and print interviews, independently away from whatever is left of the Raees team.

In an interview with a leading Pakistan daily, Mahira was asked about how it was working with SRK. To this, she answered, “Ask me something else, I have discussed it so much I’ll say similar things.”

At the point when gotten some information about his eccentricities, she stated, “He is magic really, honestly. He spoilt me for life. He used to tell me to do things this way, do it that way. At one point I asked him, am I not doing it right? He said ‘Look I am only telling you what I know, from my experience. You do it your way but all I want is when you see yourself onscreen you don’t come to me and say, why didn’t you tell me!’ Other than that, he’s so bloody smart. There’s nothing you can’t talk to him about.”

“We’ve had amazing conversations. It’s so much fun to talk to someone who’s intelligent. It’s not just about films, he can talk about anything! He was watching [Netflix TV series] Narcos while we were shooting, he can talk about books and history. Of course, I’ve always been a fan. But if you watch his interviews, you can tell he’s witty, smart. It was a pleasure working with someone you can have a conversation with. I think he’s hilarious, sometimes at my expense,” she included.


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