I am Indian says Salman

Dabangg Khan of bollywood, today in a court in Rajasthan’s Jodhpur, said, ” I am Indian”. where he was quizzed on charges of killing blackbucks amid a film shoot in 1998.

Salman had been made a request to express his religion as a part of introductions before his scrutinizing by the prosecution.

This is his standard reaction to the question each time in court.

A year ago, the 51-year-old had similarly declared in court, “I am Salman Khan and I am an Indian.”

Salman confronting 65 questions from the prosecution on the alleged deer hunt amid a location shoot for “Hum Saath Hain” today.

“I am innocent, I have been falsely implicated,” he stated, testifying in the presence of his co-stars from the film, Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, Sonali Bendre and Neelam.

Salman Khan has confronted four cases throughout the years connected to the slaughtering of two blackbucks and two chinkara.

He was questioned on articulations from 28 witnesses. Among the witnesses are members from the Bishnoi tribe who hold deer sacred and live near to where the blackbucks were shot.

The Rajasthan High Court had last year vindicated the actor in two cases identified with the hunting of chinkara deer.


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